Thursday, December 19, 2002

Bali Hai!
Landed safely and went to the hotel. Got scammed by a porter. Going around with these bunch of Singaporeans is a bit sian so dumped them while they did shopping to go to Kuta Beach and interview some people. Also went down to their equivalent of Ground Zero and went back in time to catch a gorgeous sunset. Now typing this in a cheesy Disco/karaoke bar/internet cafe. The prices here aren't that good really, though some shops advertise 50% discounts.

Might be going diving on Saturday. Out of practise. Hope it's safe.

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Time to say goodbye
Met up with Sueann who's off to Sydney to study for her MBA next week. Probably the last time to hang out but it's been great. Going to miss her quite a bit and all the conversations over kopi. One ambitious go-getter who does what she wants; even taking her final exams for divemaster this weekend.

Oh well time to pack. Only 4 days. Must make sure I have most everything. Bought a micro tape recorder today as well. Four days in Bali. Hope it's fun and I don't get bogged down by work!

Monday, December 16, 2002

Old housemate
Went for breakfast with clouds and lainey at 8:30 am. Had woken up by the storm and checked some sports scores and got lured into breakfast. Day of running around; picked up my blue IC, had my hair cut, and came back to finish some work. Lotsa logistical problems of getting RM cheques. Turns out the agent wants 1 month commission for the place so major burn in my wallet. Man I really have to get the jobs paid for soon.

Housemate came by to pick up her mail... driving a car too. Guess teaching can't pay THAT badly if can afford a car, even if it about $65k. (No not that I will..)

Tomorrow got to meet some people discuss some business and get ready to pack for Bali. Need film and a micro tape recorder, so more spending to be done. Going to be a very thin Xmas...