Saturday, August 31, 2002

Gym nut
Gave in and joined the gym, and the rates weren't too bad. I feel I need the adrenaline rush and the distraction that it gives me. Left alone, I think and worry too much. At least working out makes me concentrate on something else even if it's something as brain dead and himbotic as well, lifting weights. Obviously, this is NOT Jason's head blog. ;)

Friday, August 30, 2002

Social out of balance
I don't have anything on this Saturday, but next week I have 2 housewarmings, a BBQ and a friend's bday celebration. Talk about unbalanced. Will try to go for at least two of the events next week.

It's almost September. Where did the year go? And where is it headed?
Had a quiet day. Went over to MW, where some people still didn't know I had quit. Had the option to censor Jaws of Satan but I declined. Religious references would drive me dizzy. Went Comex but there wasn't much really to buy, and there weren't any new products launched anyhow. Went to see Lilo and Stitch which was pretty cute, particularly Lilo, the spunky Hawaiian girl. It wasn't your nice Disney cartoon, but didn't find it too appealing. After that it was back home and doing some work at night. Boy are my hours screwed. Really don't relish the thought of going to town on a night like this. The crowds at Comex were enough to give me a headache.

Thursday, August 29, 2002

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Found out he has a diary. Just looking at his CV makes me wince. One of those and what have I done with my life? things.
Road to Perdition
Boy it's all about movies huh? Saw The Road to Perdition yesterday and liked it. Predictable but very stylish. It's a gangster movie with big shoulders; the killings are very workman-like, almost necessary. It lacks the substance of American Beauty but the director still has the visual stylings. I know I liked it more than A Beautiful Mind, which I though was manipulative, boring and totally lacking in originality.

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

First Movie
Ok no longer a censorship virgin. Borrowed my bro's VCR to do it but forgot the remote control so had to sit right in front of the television. The first movie was Active Stealth which is about some US Rangers going to a fictitious South American banana republic to rescue a captured ranger. Villains are drug lords, of course. Two throat slits and one head shot out, as well as one scene about taking it up the ass. Apparently hypnotism is also banned, especially when the performer does is to the camera. Ah.. the wonders of censorship.

Oh made a mistake so have to go back to certain parts. I have to take out the parts where they break a man's neck as well.
THERE are certain stereotypes attached to successful straight men who are past their early thirties and still not married. Often, they are perceived to be somewhat self-absorbed, hedonistic, cynical and scared of commitment.

On the other hand, though, they also tend to have fantastic CD, book and DVD collections.

  - From ST review of About A Boy

Monday, August 26, 2002

Censor man
Fuck, frigging, bugger, c__t have to go, but penis is ok.

And what do you know... the VCR's on the blink. So I have to spend 6 hours worth of tape watching to invest in a new VCR. Ah well... what to do.
Family, Extended Remix
Went over to bro's place where my sister-in-law's sister was visiting with her two kids. Sean is precocious and quite smart for a three year old. He was showing me his Spiderman and Buzz Lightyear toys. To keep him quiet, you just need to put in a cartoon and he'll just sit on the sofa watching it intensely. Cole is about two, I think, and still figuring out the world around him. My nephew appears to have slimmed down slightly and his features are better defined.

Right now wondering if I should go for my sister's registration in October (It's in Sydney), or wait for the wedding. I find the registration more meaningful. Maybe if we pick up the right airfare. My baby sister... getting married! I remember bullying her until she cried and then we'd have to do funny stuff to make her laugh again. I like her fiancee. A Cambodian-Australian boy with a sense of humour and an appetite to match a Sumo Wrestler's. One of the lucky few who never put on weight despite eating tons. There'll never be extras on the table when we're having a meal.

Sunday, August 25, 2002

Two Movies
Watched ChungKing Express and The 400 Blows. While they're both very good movies I can't say they enthralled me. Former was stylish and humurous at times, but ultimately quite empty, and made California Dreaming annoying. The 400 Blows was better but I guess it looks dated because so many have copied it. The final shot is pretty amazing though. The boy stares back from across the screen, and you wonder about his future. (Of course, his saga is continued in further movies by Truffaut, but it would have been interesting if he left it at that.)
Weekend Over
Boy that was fast. And a new week begins. Better be more 'on'. Been too lax past few weeks. Lots of meetings this week and things to accomplish.