Saturday, October 27, 2001

The guy who thinks he's Peter Pan has found his Tinker Belle. No, that definitely doesn't inspire me to dress up in green tights..
Looking forward to this. Linklater's Before Sunrise. Quite a romantic movie, without being cloying. Filled with his usual intellectual dialogue. I hear that the two lovers continue their discussion in his new movie Waking Life. US$11.24. Damn tempting.
Latest addition to my wish list: The Dreamlife of Angels. Fascinating and wonderfully sad movie, done in a cinema verite touch.
Just watched Princess Mononoke. Quite good. Very undisney like as it employed characters that weren't straightforward good or evil, and some parts were pretty violent. The animation isn't as smooth as Disney or Pixar, but the story was definitely a change from the usual stuff we've grown accustomed to.

Friday, October 26, 2001

Heard that the layoffs have started. Sigh. Quite a downer. It's those guys with families that I feel the worst for, especially when they left TCS to join. It's gone all too quickly to dust. Sad.
Existentialism offers more hope than predestination, because it gives us a reason to try to change things.
- taken from a review of Linklater's Waking Life by Roger Ebert
Man this WKRZ newsreader is damn crap.
Feeling groggy. Might be an ear infection. Hope it doesn't last the whole weekend. Not that there's much planned but still.. wish it'd go away.
You heard about the great duck race? Well imagine it on a wide scale...
Finished TMNT. Boy those turtles go a while back.

Thursday, October 25, 2001

Latest purchase here. Planning to get the Best Short Stories as well but next month. The craft of essays is often ignored here, and I don't mean Sumiko Tan.
Commenting on the blogs of two acquaintances to 3TapRiff:
"It's lucky she doesn't use chickens for her analogies. Imagine cooking analogy at work today:
Normally you'd think a customer would want chicken breast or wings. But there are some customers who'd prefer chicken butts or offal. I can't believe it. Chicken butt.."

"Imagine her schoolkids reading about 'chocolate cake' (an euphemism for doing the wild thang) and her using contraceptives. They must think that chocolate makes you pregnant."

Well apparently I'm a 32% bastard..
Friend in US is US$6k short for her school fees. She's kinda irresponsible with her money. Told her to get something like Quicken or MS-Money to keep track. I know I've been evangelising about these products, but seriously, they're worth the investment. Make you come face-to-face with the amount you're spending a month.

She's off to call her dad and let him know about the shortfall. Glad I'm not her.

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

With all the bombing and anthrax scares, easy to lose this in the news...
Just finished the Simpsons Arcade game. There's one stage set in dreamland which has giant donuts that fire mini donuts (or are they donut holes) at you. Quite a fun one but once completing it don't have the urge to replay it again. Used up like 30+ credits I think to complete it.
Love belongs to Desire and Desire is always cruel
- Neil Gaiman

Monday, October 22, 2001

Low lying storm kept me awake early in the morning. Lightning going off like flashes popping next to my head. Boss' computer got fried the previous night by a lightning strike, so being cautious...

Sunday, October 21, 2001

How about this idea for a high tech bar?