Friday, August 10, 2001

Took the LRT today while meeting a friend at Bukit Panjang. The glass clouds over when you get too close to any flat. Privacy; definitely a premium in Singapore.

Thursday, August 09, 2001

Diving day... boy I really can't remember much. One last revision. Should have tried to make time for a refresher course.
Disturbing. China wants to choose the next Dalai Lama. Now that they've been awarded the 2008 Olympics I guess it's safe for them to trample over as much human rights as they wish.
Bought a book Moments that's a showcase of Pulitzer Prize winning photography. The World Press Photo collection for 2000 was tempting too but about 50% more expensive. Better watch that bank account been spending way too much these days.
Google sends yet another list of depressing songs searcher to my site. Lets see who I have so far:
Beth Orton - I Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine
Ron Sexsmith - Seem To Recall
The Smiths - Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

One day I'll compile them and put out a The Worlds Most Depressing Album... Ever!
Got to get out, got to get out. Cabin fever striking again. One more listen to Tahiti 80's Heartbeat. Sweet, breezy pop. The singer sings it "Can you feel my heart babe when i'm close to you."

Wednesday, August 08, 2001

Couple of friends had interesting dreams. R dreamt about a serial killer in her house, complete with LKY in a wheelchair fixated on the tv, and another friend dreamt about telling Robert De Niro off. Wonder if she had to pay him an appearance fee...?
Cool and Crazy, described as an Arctic version of Buena Vista Social Club.
Love is a state I hope I never forget,
If I can know my fate, things would be nicer.
- Made First, Tahiti 80
Present listen: Tahiti80.
Things at work make me think I'm watching a train crash in slow motion. There's an inevitability to it, and this is before impact.
Boy yes loneliness ain't easy to deal with. Part time lover? Not as easy as one would think. :)
Had a long talk with one of the producers. Things aren't looking good and he thinks he's going to be one of the first laid off. I'm kind of shocked at the new schedule. What are they thinking? Still I'll shut my mouth; what can one do at this stage. Nobody seems to have any answers and everybody's looking for a solution. Even my job isn't on stable ground. Guy has a japanese girlfriend who gave up his job to come over, and now with the future so unsure doesn't know what's going to happen next. I hope everything works out; right now it's just blame being passed around, and there's a lot of it.
At full blast. Semisonic's Singing In My Sleep. One of those things that stick to my head like crazy glue.

Tuesday, August 07, 2001

My new wallpaper.

I vouch to kiss his smelly ass goodbye. The continued adventures of Tricia and Nick... :)
Ok sweated like mad before being caught in the rain. Went home to shower before heading to office. Ho hum. Not an exciting day. Fortunately tomorrow is a holiday and Friday I'm on leave.
Got to hop over to Sentosa this morning to do some tests for SMS. Groan. People at work seem worried about where the channel is going; I am too, but just biting my lip and trying to last it out. They expect things to be bad 12-18 months; that's a scarily long time. No light at the end of the tunnel yet.

Monday, August 06, 2001

I guess other people's (here and here) X truths, one lie are so much more interesting. Hmm... would I be so daring to put up details of my sex life online?
Terribly hot hot hot day. Boss has a new car so I don't have to give up morning pickup to Genting Lane. Fortunately.
Met up with my dive buddy today and bought a mask for diving. Wallet hurts but it's good that I'm going diving again. Wish I had time to take a refresher course though. Anyway, we had dinner and were talking; came to relationships and she said how hard it was to find a good guy, as well as Singaporean girl's fetish for Ang Mohs. I didn't think it was a big deal; foreign men were more well-spoken, generally treated women better, I thought. She wondered why the reciprocal didn't happen; of local men going for Ang Moh women, and I said the population was small. She said that local Chinese Singaporeans thought that their Ang Moh wives would get bloated and fat later on, which hadn't really occured to me. She said how she didn't want to be alone on X'mas day, but I said yes, it's terrible to be alone then, but also terrible to be with the wrong person, to which she agreed. I'm not really sure which is worst though. Being alone, or with the wrong person. Should we "get" someone to get us through those miserable days when we can't stand being alone?

Anyway, was good to meet up with her again. Looking forward to the dive; looks packed. Five dives for me; more than enough.
Today the "new media" team met up and amongst the games we played were two truths, one lie. Like it says, you're supposed to say two truths and one lie about yourself, and the others in the team will try to figure out which is which. So what I said was:

1) I had to strip naked at the Czech border once.
2) I have not worked at a job longer than 1 3/4 years.
3) I am a big soccer fan.

Those who know me shouldn't find it too hard to figure out. ;) Maybe I'll do nine truths, one lie.
Those who looked out at the sky tonight will see
the full moon is out, cradled by clouds.
Tired.. going to fall asleep at my table soon. Hmm.. this boredom is worrying. Kind of reminds me of being back at my previous company...

Sunday, August 05, 2001

Interesting article about how a toy company in the US approaches the "cool kids" between 8 to 13 to teach them a new Pokemon-like game. These kids, known as "Alpha pups", the equivalent of early adopters, would thus make the game cool and it'd catch on like an epidemic. Considering how much mega-bucks games are, yes, they'd try anything.

And an interesting observation from the article:
I watched only a few dozen players, but my unscientific observations jibed with the results of a classic playground study conducted in 1976 by Janet Lever, a sociologist. The fifth-grade boys she observed often interrupted their games to argue about rules, but the argument never lasted more than seven minutes, and the game always resumed. The girls argued less, but when they did, the game usually ended.
Newest discovery, Boys Suck. Try Attack of the Beautiful Girls. They're in no danger of ousting Beth Orton or Eva Cassidy from my mp3 list, but they do have an unpolished, raw, pleasant sound.

You're a beautiful girl which pushes you so far from my world
it's too bad you take me for granted and I have no chance
Barely remember my diving... hope I remember how to clear my mask. That one crucial skill... other thing is to stay calm. I better dig out my dive book and try to revise everything.
Just finished watching My Best Friend's Wedding, and I have to say it's a very enjoyable movie. The scenes always makes Julia Roberts in conflict with herself. Doing one thing while thinking another. It carries the film and when she does act with one mind, it causes chaos. Could have done without the bloody pre-commercial commentary, and the editing seemed odd. (The ending seemed very rushed, but of course I'm not allowed to gripe about the competition. :) )

Very well-written film that's for sure.