Friday, November 08, 2002

Song identified
Ok identified the song I was wondering about last night. So Little Time by Arkana, one of those one hit wonders. But a catchy song nonetheless. Thanks for sushi and pool. Need to pay you back!

Today's the one year anniversary of the retrenchment exercise so we're having a little bash. None of us really look back with any sadness though it was fun. The ex-crew has gone all over the place. Would be fun to see them again and catch up.

Thursday, November 07, 2002

Superhero saves drunken woman from lecherous men!
I wonder how this will go down in Singapore...
Free Name Cards!
They probably overload your mailbox with spam, but they do send you free name cards here. Other caveat: They do ask for your credit card number on an unsecured web page. So... don't unless you have to!

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

I'd rather...
Was talking to a friend and said I'd rather be single with the Internet, DVDs, music, magazine and books and the occasional trip, rather than be in a bad relationship arguing and quarreling all the time. I do miss the sweetness of a relationship but I don't look back much. Basically I'm easily happy and while I think being in a relationship can be wonderful with the right person, when it's the wrong one... it's hell.
Ronald who?
Ahem. For one week only.
If you have to ask... icq.
The Dave Quiz
Do you know... Dave/Hak?
Boy loud and obnoxious font this be.
BigO dead?
Or so according to Douglas. He says there's no mention of it in the newsletter. We'll know the truth soon I suppose. If it's real, it's a mournful passing. I don't quite agree with what they did, but it was a great magazine nevertheless.

Monday, November 04, 2002

I am the Dragon
Watched Manhunter yesterday and Red Dragon today. Much prefered the latter which was more coherent and Ralph Fiennes and Anthony Hopkins were definitely more menacing. I think Manhunter is highly overrated despite some good scenes; Tom Noonan just doesn't work very well and his deductive ability seems superhuman, while Edward Norton is a more the regular guy, reliant on Lector for solving the case.