Saturday, September 21, 2002

There goes the back
Pulled something while doing weightlifting and bending has been painful. Putting a cold compress now. Learnt a lesson not to overdo it while at the gym.

Had fun at Jo's place last night. Dangling lanterns and going havoc on the playground. Immature perhaps, but great fun. Thanks Alice, Angie, Jo and Wilkie. Nice digs. :) And next time we'll just call for pizza and finish Monty Python!

Thursday, September 19, 2002

Video Jockeying
VJing... not DJing.
Boom Boom Shoom
Went down Boom Boom Room and was quite a disappointment. Only five people there and the show started at 11, even though the door bitch said it would start at 10. Show was pretty tame and not as campy as those you see in Thailand, and got quite dead bored but did wander around Chinatown and Sri Mariammam temple. And a half hour show for like three hours of waiting, though it was all right. I guess it's fun if you go down with a whole bunch of people and better on weekends.

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

I LOVE Carol Lay
Wrong Calls
Called three people by accident today. Duh. Really should look into changing phones. The memory for the 3310 is limited and I keep on having to delete old numbers. Number of times people have SMSed and I didn't know who they were.

Saw the last episode of Ally McBeal which was all right. The writing is pretty mediocre. So when did Ally have a daughter? Adopted I presume.

Sunday, September 15, 2002

Waiting For Superman
Tell everybody
Waitin' for Superman
That they should try to hold on
Best they can
He hasn't dropped them
Forgot them
Or anything
It's just too heavy for Superman to lift

  - The Flaming Lips
Snoring Weekend
Did some research but nothing mindblowing. Guess I'll take a Singapore isn't as staid as people think angle.

Went down to library@esplanade and has a nice DVD collection. Definitely will get stuff from there to watch. Looks like I can stop buying for a while. :)