Saturday, June 23, 2001

Listening to this absolutely cool version of Placebo's Every You Every Me, the Sneaker Pimps remix. The kind of song you want to blast for the whole world to hear.
I've been using Quicken to keep track of my accounts for the past few years. I used to do entries once every few days but now I do it every day. Why not? It only takes a few minutes which I'll probably use waiting for email or chatting with friends anyhow. I won't say it's 100% accurate, but it gives me a good idea as to where my money is going. I used to have that feeling when I checked my bank account and wondered, Where did all the money go?? At least now I can see for myself, and the figures can really jump out at you. (I spent HOW MUCH on magazines?) I do admit to 'spreading' some expenses around, like halving the cost of an expensive item and putting it in two months, or even three months; it's kind of taking out a hire purchase on yourself but also prevents big anomalies. I'm not miserly, just thrifty I guess, and this is just the way to be fiscally responsible. It also makes me cautious when buying anything above $100 because it really skews my expenses. Right now, I'm trying to decide between a DVD player, or a DV recorder, and a trip sometime soon. Time to do some spreading...
So this is the first entry to my blog. I've been resisting, but guess I should try to put all this down; for future generations? Who knows. Maybe they should send all these blogs up to outer space, so whatever is out there could understand us on a personal level.