Saturday, October 13, 2001

Everybody has these moments of recognition. Lara and I are not at all unique. When things are right with us, it feels like the strongest bond in the world, that we're the only truly happy couple on earth. So you get these little glimpses of bliss, and you wrap your whole life around them. They don't last, not for long, and there's not much to them. But they make you feel eternal.
- quote taken from this week's edition of The New York Times magazine, which focuses on the American couple.
Halfway done with the journal. Took out some photos and stuck it in there, so all ready to be pass it to the next person. Think I'll take about 6 pages.
Friends came over and watched Requiem for a Dream. Think for some reason the player has a slight fault; I could detect that the sound was slightly out-of-sync with the picture. Anyway, quite a visually striking movie and Ellen Burstyn's performance was powerful; thought she would have won an Oscar for it but guess the film didn't do well enough commercially for her to. Still I prefer Pi; didn't try so hard to be edgy and a lot of R4aD was predictable.
Damn pissed with the colleague who sent, via email, work to be done by monday over the weekend. Will not touch it until Monday so fuck it. I have a right to my weekend. I'm sorry you have no life but I do. I had told her that data etc needed to be keyed in by Thursday but we were still doing on Friday evening. I slaved enough during the freaking week.

Friday, October 12, 2001

Odd search entries that led people to this blog: sentosa wallpaper download, blue roses blog, and apopcalypse ringtone.
Surprised to learn that a rather attractive colleague that I can talk really well to plays "on the same side", so to speak. Not that it matters but we get along quite well.

Anyway, the atmosphere around the FE square office seems to be of gloom but they're mentally prepared for it. The news that's coming in isn't good, and advertisers aren't buying airtime either. They do expect there to be cuts but nothing yet, and everyone is a little sick of waiting. What to do? I really hope they all keep their jobs, but it doesn't seem likely right now and I'm in a precarious position as well. At least I got the website done and I think the boss is pretty impressed that I was able to set up and deploy a database back end in two weeks. Still he doesn't hold the purse strings or my next paycheque. I'm just glad I got out of Asiacontent which is closing Oct 20th. The colleagues there were great; the ones at TV Works side are a younger, more spirited bunch and more fun-loving. I wonder how they perceive me, as I'm still half an outsider, but oh well...
Funny misadventure of the night: Two jack russells came into the house, and matthew, julia and I spent about an hour tying them up. We did discover the person we presume to be their owner, an apartment in front of us where the owner had placed netting over the grills to keep them in. Just as we tried to coax the two in, another Jack Russell scurried out, so we ended up tying them up to the grill at the security guard's den. The guard called the owner (who apparently has six cats in the house as well) and hopefully he'll get them tonight. Part of me wanted to keep them in the house but the shihtzus were going crazy, so too bad... they're adorable, but feisty too.

Thursday, October 11, 2001

Finished second in my fantasy baseball league, just 1.5 points behind the winner. If I had more saves and a slightly better hitting percentage could have won it. Presently playing fantasy football, and can't wait for fantasy basketball to start.
Welll looks like we should be able to meet the deadline and I won't have to slog through the weekend. Actually yesterday was the first time I worked late in a long while. The website looks nicer than the present one for sure; definitely much better organised.
Nine Inch Nails special remixes:
La Mer | NYD

Wednesday, October 10, 2001

Can you spot Bert?

Why Bert is appearing alongside Bin Laden...

On Winamp - Korn's Freak On A Leash NIN remix
I need to go somewhere where I forget the world and the world forgets me. If you stay there long enough, the memory of you recedes, photos of you fade, and all who remember you wonder if you were just a figment of a dream in their lives, and only you would know of your own existence.
Hate stupid work tai chi when a colleague says "I can't do this because you haven't done this". Please! Give me a break.
Deadlines deadlines...

Tuesday, October 09, 2001

One day I have to sort through my MP3s and delete the stuff that has duplicates, like the Os Mutantes...

Monday, October 08, 2001

I can't believe Kathleen Turner plays a drag queen (Chandler's dad-turned-mom) on Friends. She was sexiness personified. I guess in Hollywood women don't age as gracefully. Can't imagine Harrison Ford playing a gal.
Tricia is head over heels about Nick still. Ah, youthful obssession..
Redoing our sites and they're getting too complicated for their own good. I prefer simple uncomplicated web sites, and the way things are going the web site is anything BUT. Will just duck my head down and continue to do. It's a diversion from what's going on out there in the big bad world.

Sunday, October 07, 2001

Debunking some of the urban legends surrounding Sept 11.