Thursday, July 19, 2001

Half day today. Should just taken a full day off so I could sleep in... ah well.. too much to do anyhow.
When the stars threw down their spears,
And water'd heaven with their tears...
These are going to be a very tough few weeks.

Wednesday, July 18, 2001

That girl Trish updated her blog again; quite an interesting episode about whether to date someone you're just aesthetically attracted to. There's a little gentle drama in her journal - worthy of Felicity.
"The truth shall make you free." (John 8:32)
Men need fifty pair of shoes like cars need fifty cup holders.
All you don't know about me could fill an encyclopedia... or two.
Blogspot just added some new templates.... can you think of something better while waiting for yet another show?
I returned the things she gave me yesterday. Packed them in an envelope and sent them off as I was paying the bills. Of course, the things that bothered me about the "gifts" was that they were themselves gifts from her many other suitors; mostly older men, some married. So back to her they go, to find life again in her gift distribution chain. I wonder if my own things are similarly being circulated; I would want to believe that they aren't, because I do think of myself as a good gift-giver, but who knows? To put it in Survivor terms, I was voted off the island. But at least I returned the sucky prize money.

Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Everything that has changed your world has changed me.
An indirect friend been hit by cancer, and the tumour hasn't gone down. Matter of weeks left. Even though I don't know her, it's scary to contemplate. She's younger than me, and her husband married her even though he knew she was dying. That's something.
When replaying watch who you cc to. It could just be the whole bloody company.
And of course I met up with G and PL yesterday after the focus group for Jalan jalan. They had a segment on Volkswagens, and I absolutely love the Beetle convertible. Only five in Singapore though, and expensive as hell of course. TIme to buy another Singapore Sweep ticket and hope for the best.
Looking forward to the retreat on Friday. At least I'll have been to Bintan. Hopefully I'll come back in one piece and not as three dozen satay sticks. I want to tan, swim, read a good book (Reading The Buddha of Suburbia now which is pretty funny) and rethink where my job is going. Can't even call it a "career". The Big Boss man asked for page views yesterday, and I don't think he'll be pleased with the numbers. Yes, the success of the television station will spur the PV, but it'll also become harder to justify five people working on the website with such numbers. Wonder if the axe will fall, and where...
Wondering if there are any songs about Wednesdays.
Nice comic by Carol Lay.

Monday, July 16, 2001

The food at the SPH canteern is probably the worst in the world, or at least the Chinese stall.
Looks like the planned trip to Bintan has to be aborted. I have Coldplay/Travis on the 28th-29th July weekend and the week after Shuchiang has Miss Saigon. Think I might not take leave unless I find some place to go to pronto. Hanoi/Saigon sounds attractive again, but got to check on the weather conditions and everything.
A lot of talk about blanket parties and other crap that'll go down at the retreat. What's with all the macho shit? The Far East people are extremely cliquish, and I know I'm not in their inner circle. I guess I'll have to bear it and not get involved in all the politics that's going on.
More changes at work.. looks like things won't stabilize and they're killing the comedy skit show. So no more scripting for me anyhow... I guess I'll stick to my own projects for now again.

Sunday, July 15, 2001

It's no longer a "technical" recession, it's a recession. To those who lost their jobs, I hope you manage to tahan. Been laid off during a recession and those were dark days indeed. I didn't know where the rent money was going to come from, and mom was trying to shove me into teaching. (Am I glad I didn't wind up there!) Hopefully things will clear up... soon.
I hate coordinating things via SMS, as well as people asking "who's going?". Just make a decision and go without needing to know who or who isn't attending. Still managed to get a trio of people for pool. Tables at poolitix have been resurfaced, so it was quite a good place to play. We were surprised at how quiet Prinsep was when we dined at garage. Almost a ghost town.