Saturday, November 16, 2002

Thrift store online
Cool beans.
Good Guru
The Guru is pretty fun, with some great comic lines as well as a blending of Bollywood and Hollywood musicals, though not enough of that. Possibly one of the best comedies of the year though the middle part lags a bit. And Heather Graham as a porn star... YUM!

Friday, November 15, 2002

Taken a while..
But the cashflow is starting to flow again. Hasn't been easy but at least it won't be an awful Christmas. Also good to have people watching out for you. Sometimes I'm quite pissed with some full time people who just giggle and say "oh it's still being processed" or "haven't found a means to use it yet" or take the whole freelance thing lightly. I can see why few people want to freelance; why bother when getting payment is so hard? I also think the book the Creative Class missed out on one important factor. The freelance factor matters as well to the creativity of a city, and you have to ensure they get paid, that people are used to taking on freelancers and the government protects them as well. I've also reduced my spending as much as possible, though the major portion still goes to rent. Times like this you wish you had a place of your own.

Just got my insurance-investment report from Prudential and found out that they tack on a whole bunch of charges, including a $60 administration charge. Maybe I should just take the money out. The fund has done terribly and I still have to put in $2,400 a year and a lot of it just disappears into nowhere. For these returns I should do my own investment.

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Either it's raining cats and dogs or it's HOT HOT HOT! Hate this weather...

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Harry Potter
Saw Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and it's pretty good; much better than the first movie. Better paced and makes good use of special efx. Chris Columbus has done a great job with the child actors. It still is a tad long but I enjoyed it. Now for The Two Towers...

Monday, November 11, 2002

Best line from the Esplanade rain leak
Taken from a forum: Now they can shampoo the flags too.

Sunday, November 10, 2002

Toy empires are made of these
The other 9/11
Met up with ex colleagues from the TV station. It's a year since their retrenchment so met to celebrate getting out of that hell hole. Everybody is doing well, and much happier than when they were there. Good to move on. One of my ex-colleagues went camping and she's a bit of a vainpot; made her boyfriend hold up a torch so she could do her makeup even out there in the woods. Man...