Friday, July 05, 2002

Okay, someone came and saw and liked the room and said she'll take it. Cool. No agent involved as well. Now to find a bed and extra wardrobe for her...
Design Awards
Nifty stuff. As expected, the Segway and the iMac have both made it. Samsung has five awards; impressive.

Thursday, July 04, 2002

The folks at TC get it right...
The Eye and Dumb roomate
Watched The Eye and thought it was all right. The scenes were too set up, and the plot was fairly lethargic. The ghosts didn't seem too malevolent to be scary, and the representations of the Grim Reaper wore black sweatshirts and pants, which didn't seem too scary. (I still prefer the black-robes-and-scythe model).

Had a tiff with the apt mate that's moving out. Checked out his room and was disgusted with how dirty it was. I cleaned his bathroom for him and told him off. Since he paid no deposit basically it doesn't matter if he rents out the place or not, so I told him if one of the tenants want to move in immediately I could throw him out. Told him to keep his place clean and he said he'd have to wait for the maid to come in to do it. You're out of money and can afford a maid? Said he was no good at cleaning things. (Oh yeah I figured. This is one guy who didn't notice that the dogs were shitting and peeing in the living room when he let them out of Julia's room.) It's not like his room is the size of a terrace house. How spoilt can you get?

Some people who have called his number asking to see the place said he didn't pick up his phone, which means I have to show it to them myself. Don't be a nice guy; you always get screwed. Happened to me the last time and think it'll happen now. I hope somebody who doesn't have an agent looks at and likes the place.

So if you know anyone looking for a room, air conditioning/security/attached bathroom/privacy, $600, very near Holland Village with buses to town right outside, able to move in August 1st or so, walk up apartment, let me know.

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Made my peace
I made my peace with leaving the job. Actually I should be kinda glad. I was hoping to ask for retrenchment instead to get more money but after finding out how little legal rights employees have, decided to forget it and just ask that I stop going in for work about a month after I finish handing over. I would be lying to say I'm not afraid, but there's this enormous feeling of liberation as well knowing that there's another turn at the corner. It hasn't always been good, but I think in general all the roads I've taken have bought me ahead to where I eventually want to be. It's been a learning process and yes, there have been some regrets, but a new way is opening up, and that's always exciting.
The Villain Supply Store
Hilarious! All the shopping needs of you would-be world conquerors!
How to cut costs
- No DVDs
- Less eating out
- Borrow books from library
- No trips
- More eating at bro's place
- No tattoos (will have to wait, Eve :) )
- No computer upgrade for the moment
- Less photos

Monday, July 01, 2002

As expected
Well things come to a head today. Basically it comes down to this; if I don't get a transfer to production I'll be retrenched. *shrug* That's how it is. In a way it's good. Get me off my butt to look for something because I know production doesn't really have anything anyway. Now I'm wondering whether to just resign straight or wait to see what production says.
Spinefinger. Click it especially if you're a design nut.