Saturday, December 01, 2001

Just watched Alfred Hitchcock's Rope. It's about two men who murder someone, then invite immediate relatives of the deceased to a dinner party. Hitchcock tries to minimise the number of cuts in the film, and all the sequences are one cut. Quite a change from the MTV style editing we have these days. The tension really builds as the story unfolds, and it's a single setting. Even then you've got to take your hat off to Hitchcock. He manages to capture the dramatic tension of the story and it's totally gripping.
Met up with some of SO's friends yesterday which seemed pretty soon. I think she was just as nervous as I was. But it went quite well; I know three of them from diving so there were only two other new people, as well as Alvin, the other male in their family and BF of Joyce. He recalled his own experience and I think it must have been worse for him. He didn't know anyone besides Joyce and there's eleven in the gang. Alvin's pretty cool and very funny. I guess I'll come across as quiet as always, but not TOO quiet.

Friday, November 30, 2001

Got to reduce my credit card bills, especially when buying stuff from the US. The conversion rate the bank charges is S$1.85 to US$1. Ouch.
A line keeps going through my head from Next Stop Wonderland: Happiness is fleeting, but sadness is forever. Almost makes one afraid to be happy.

Thursday, November 29, 2001

If the need to write a letter to someone at 2 am in the morning comes to you, well, you should. :)
Watched Porgy and Bess. Acoustics at Kallang weren't very good, but the performances were impressive. (Ok the plot is a kinda muddle, and the ending is anticlimatic.) Still quite enjoyable except for a couple that kept chatting and whining about SOMETHING. After that it was a walk to cozy bay to chill, and get light shone in our faces by those guys setting up at the Waterfront. Nice evening.

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

To those who know German, does this have English subtitles?
While waiting for the train, she said it seemed like we were going out but I hadn't asked. So... I asked, and she said yes. And suddenly, the world makes perfect sense.
Win $4 million in a lottery and what would you do? This guy decided to save his friends...
Work is getting pretty stale. Been cutting CDs at stuff just to ease the boredom, and evidently, shopping for DVD bargains. (400 blows US$14.99 at!) Well will go work out later, and Porgy and Bess tomorrow. Have to move my stuff over to where the remains of the 'New Media' team is. Means I won't get a clear view of the television no more. No more morning football or basketball for me. Well hopefully it'll make me concentrate on my 'work'.

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Err wot? My British Amazon wishlist.
Another item I'd love to add to my wishlist.

Monday, November 26, 2001

Latest DVD give in: El-Mariachi/Desperadoes double feature. Got it for the Robert Rodriguez commentary. I hope I'm done for the month. Starting to burn a hole in my pocket...

Sunday, November 25, 2001

Saw Monsters Inc in the evening and Uzumaki earlier in the afternoon. Uzumaki was censored and the VCD quality was terrible, and it didn't have the English subtitles it said it would have on the English cover. I found it all right; more bizarre rather than horrific, and some parts could haave been dropped without losing the impact. The vain girl with the coiling hair for example. There was one part where a huge centipede crawls down an ear which is very effective, but other than that, does not come anywhere near The Ring.

Monsters Inc was a delight. Flowing and very detailed, an imaginative and fun riot with cute, lovable characters. Missed most of the short shown just before the movie; hope to be able to catch it on DVD.