Saturday, August 03, 2002

42 Up
Finished watching the docu 42 Up, by Michael Apted, which was pretty enthrallling. The series follows a group of British every 7 years, and now they're 42 years old. Some have done well and others just get by. A farm lad becomes a professor in Wisconsin, writing textbook on Semiconductor devices; another grows up homeless when he's 28, but becomes a politician at the age of 42 and has never worked a day in his life, surviving on benefits. A young girl becomes a single mom, working at the front office of a UK law firm and always keeping her loneliness and hear from her two teenage children. You really never can tell how things turn out in life. Kudos to Michael Apted who's established a great rapport with his subjects.

Friday, August 02, 2002

Setting self straight
Talked to a friend who set me straight. She's right that I should pursue what I'm doing right now and not let go. I think a lot of people would be discouraged as well if I were to just put up my hands and give up on project #2. Furthermore, I'm skeptical that what they're proposing to me is workable. It's still pretty much a crapshoot, but it IS fun. Even if I'm not the one working on it, the person doing so will have a lot of fun.. and hard work!
Choosing between two
Hmm.. might be forced to choose between taking up a job that is quite interesting though very much a startup operation, and my own thing which is also very interesting and also a startup. Got a whole lot of thinking to do. The guy hiring me seems determined not to let me do both, though I could foresee doing so. So many factors to list and consider. Will meet up with the dude for role #1 again and see how it goes. I guess I have to tell him, I'm fairly determined about project #2.
Was having lunch and an old woman staggered by and asked for my empty Coke can. Something I thought I'd only see in America. It filled me with a certain sadness.

Also finished watching Traffik, the excellent British drama series on which the Soderberg movie was based on. Very hynoptic and effective, without taking sides or simplifying the problem. I enjoyed it though the transfer could have been better.

Thursday, August 01, 2002

Fear and Joy
Was talking to a friend who's joining me on the freelance crunch. We're both happy and fearful at the same time, but we're both glad we left our previous companies. She has a bit more commitment than I have, but she's talented. Hope things turn out rosy for both of us!

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Reading Baobei's blog about her backpack trip to Spain makes me envious. Definitely one of the countries I would really love to revisit. Huge country with fascinating mix of cultures and influences. Toledo, El Escorial, Madrid, Barcelona all grant unique memories, though the only thing I really liked about Madrid was the Prado museum and their collection of works by Hieronymous Bosch. Well that journey is for another time and when I have more money.
Bad CD-Rs?
My CD burner isn't working very well. Been trying to make music CDs for a friend but it keeps stopping halfway. Pisses me off. Why doesn't technology just work?

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

My Price
Got called up about a copywriting job yesterday and apparently quoted "too low". The person on the other line was surprised. But she's interested in me taking a look at the existing footage they have and doing something with it.

Also found a office at a rock-bottom price. Ok, maybe just a desk. Will see how things go from there.
Starts well, and down the toilet from there.
Crazy day
Meeting in the morning, another during lunch, came back, watching Austin Powers: Goldmember later and new apartment moving in tonight. Another very busy day Thursday with another lead. Leaving might be one of the best things to have happened to me.

Monday, July 29, 2002

Would you buy this painting?
Ah well
It actually went quite all right though my mom did slip in her usual piece of nagging, AND a comment about losing sleep about me. Well all systems go. My dad might even have some connections that can help me out.
Ok double lecture time
Headed to my bro's for dinner where I'll get two lectures about my future. One from dad, one from mom. Bracing myself. Both answers are no.

Sunday, July 28, 2002

It is never too late to know what you might have been
Someone sent me an email on a commencement speech by Anne Quindlen. After the Kurt Vonnegut fake commencement, I was wondering whether it was real. Well I'm not sure about it, but this one sounds authentic, and even more moving.

Don't take that chance. Begin to say no to the Greek chorus that thinks it knows the parameters of a happy life when all it knows is the homogenization of human experience. Listen to that small voice from inside you, that tells you to go another way. George Eliot wrote, "It is never too late to be what you might have been." It is never too early, either. And it will make all the difference in the world. Take it from someone who has left the backpack full of bricks far behind. Every day feels light as a feather.
And it's another year!
Does one always look back at the past year? It hasn't been a great one, but I think this year will be different. I'm not one for looking back. Forward shows the way.

Oh thanks ppl for the treat at the german place. Good company, good conversation, good food. Sometimes life can be simple.