Saturday, July 27, 2002

Found out my apt mate, guy who's moving out, uses stress-relief wrinkle remover as I was cleaning his room. As I expected, he hadn't cleaned his bathroom since the last time I did it. He's a nice guy, but if you're down and out, a piece of advice: Learn to clean your own place instead of hiring a maid.
An Obscure Object
Story by Jefferey Eugenides, who wrote The Virgin Suicides.
Being Boring
Yeap... that's my day. Watched July Rhapsody by Ann Hui, read some fun fantasy stuff and no real urge to get out of the house. Maybe later on. More movies? Visit nephew? But I'm perfectly content just hanging out at home. Though a library or bookshop would be nice.

Oh funny thing about the movie. It begins on July 29 of 2001, I think, which is my birthday. How coincidental.
Being Boring
Yeap... that's my day. Watched July Rhapsody by Ann Hui, read some fun fantasy stuff and no real urge to get out of the house. Maybe later on. More movies? Visit nephew? But I'm perfectly content just hanging out at home. Though a library or bookshop would be nice.

Friday, July 26, 2002

Cartoon segment
I'm quite happy with what my partners have done. Watching it gets me all excited and tingling. I'm quite pleased. It's still something that a lot of people might scoff at, but even if the end product doesn't fully take off, I think it's something I can be glad I did.

Just watched Laputa: Castle in the Sky from the Ghibli collection, and it's pretty amazing. Disney's Atlantis probably comes closest in comparison, but it's nowhere near the storytelling power of this movie. Apparently, the concept of Laputa was first devised by Jonathan Swift, writer of Gulliver's Travels. You can read about it here.
I'm a Cow, can't you see...

Thursday, July 25, 2002

Cartoon's End
Well did the pitch and had quite a good response. Could have ducked out of it but glad I went through with it.

Animation definitely isn't cheap. The lecturer said the first episode of a series probably costs US$300k-350k. Way serious money.

After the end of the presentation, the Vice-head of the sponsoring govt authority came in and gave a 'reverse-pitch' where he showed a demo tape from some Australian company. He said he hoped to see presentations to SBA with demos of 1 to 2 minutes as well. I enquired whether there would be a budget to do these demos, and he said no. He said SBA would put up to S$50k for a pilot and the teech snickered.

Seriously, if you want to play with the big boys, got to come up with the bucks. Anyway, I know where it's at. But I'm really glad I went for the course. Made some great contacts and beer/cartoon buds. Maybe we should all go watch The Powerpuff Girls Movie together.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Mom called this morning asking me to go to bro's place for dinner but had made another appointment. She wanted to talk to me "about my job". Man... I've basically stayed out of the house after coming to study in Singapore since I was what.. ten? I don't think I've grown up in her eyes and I'm still that ten year old. I SMSed my sis-in-law telling her not to nag her kids, especially when they're flipping 30! I know it's with good intent but it's really hard to take.

Dinner next monday at my bro's place with my dad who thinks I'm headed back to KL to work. I might alternate between the two cities eventually but I wouldn't right now.
Got the first batch of B&W photos from friend's wedding and they came out ok. I didn't focus that much on her as there were two other photographers with some really great equipment doing the honours. 4 or 5 shots I'm happy enough with from the roll. I think I'll just develop the other B&W roll as I don't think I'll keep the negatives anyhow, and choose a few photos to send to her. Basically, guess I have to take more photos. Maybe I should bring a B&W roll down to Bidari again, my usual haunt.
Animation Class
The animation seminar hasn't been too bad as far as networking is concerned. Met some really interesting people who are pretty gung ho about getting animation going in Singapore. But the budgets are terribly, terribly slim. The lecturer is a slouch though. His pace is really slow and he's been going snail-like over some topics. I feel there's diminishing returns when you cover a topic over and over again. So not everybody in the class gets it the first time around, but most of the class would have, and it's time to move on. It's a three day course and there's TONS to learn, and he tends to ramble and tells his war stories again and again.

One of the students in class really bugs me. She's from the college itself and has this story about a kid who's rejected by his peers and finds solace in the computer and the net. It might be funny if she presented it with more of a sense of humour, but the way she does it, it's kind of HEAVY and there's like a huge chip on her shoulder. Communist party material, I tell you.

Ok got to go write a pitch. I really have to beef up on my presentation skills.

Monday, July 22, 2002

Scaring the shit outta people
Went to my friend's place at Portsdown Road to pick up a wardrobe. I was walking up the staircase to her apartment and heard her flatmate saying hi just as I approached the door. I thought she had seen me. But when she opened the door she let out a scream. Apparently she was talking to the dogs and didn't know I was there at all. Took her a while to collect herself.

Friend has two nice dogs. One's rather old and mangy. His legs are giving way so it can't even sit down properly. The other is almost bear-like and has a very full coat of fur. Portsdown isn't too bad but not quite the place for me. Too secluded though it does have have a nice Kampong-like atmosphere. Actually most of the houses are rented by expats or singles, but I'm sure they have more space than your usual flat.
Good to know for the blind mouse. ;)

Went to the animation lecture and was interested enough to sign up for the whole workshop. Also met an old contact who suddenly sprang a project that we can work on. Well things aren't looking too bad after all.

Listening to: Astor Piazzolla - Liber Tango

Sunday, July 21, 2002

Talent is overrated?
Interesting article.

Time to get ready for the animation seminar....
Watched that in the afternoon, along with Spinal Tap again, but this time with commentary. Yojimbo's a true classic. The pacing is great, and it's a smartly done piece with beautiful composition. Next up in Sanjuro, the sequel to Yojimbo.
Boy have times changed
While looking through business plan examples:
In order to launch [so-and-so-website], we are seeking a first round investment of [US]$2 Million, which will allow SanaSana to continue through the first 4 months of operations.

Me asking for $200k to get through 1 year sounds like a bargain. But even I doubt I can get that amount right now... and not sure how much of the company's soul I'm willing to sell.

Listening to: Nocturne in E-flat Major - Tosca Tango Orchestra, Waking Life Soundtrack

There's a piano scale/passage in Lastima Grande from the same album that leaves one breathless.