Saturday, June 15, 2002

The lightbulb goes up over my head
I think it's time to start begging for money from friends and family... ;)
At the ATM
After my nephew's 'man yue' went to Far East Plaza to withdraw some money. Just when I went to the machine saw that the lady in front of me had forgotten to take her money. Tried to chase her down but it was too late, so turned it over to the security there. Kinda forgetful ain't it?

Been spending a fortune on cab fare. Getting pretty fed up about it. But what can one do? I hope after Monday I have more time of my own. I'm bone tired. I really am.

Thursday, June 13, 2002

Le Costume
Saw a play last night which started at 11 pm. The acting was pretty amazing though some of the humour was rather 'easy' (cross-dressing, for example). Did the play have a message? It was about a man who forced his wife to treat the 'suit' of her lover as a real person, bringing it out for walks and feeding it at the dinner table. I hated the melodramatic ending though as well, and the University Cultural Center was bloody stuffy. Had to keep fanning myself else I would have just dropped off right there. Finished at 12 something and got back at 1ish. Only one more play for the festival, Causeway, and probably the closing ceremony.

Yes, Wee, you have cute cousins. ;) But then all babies are cute. I think it's a survival thing.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Well looks like Diana Krall is postponed until August 6th. And I bought the tickets sometime in March. This is like the longest wait between buying the tickets and the concert itself. The organizers must have made a bundle just from the interest.
Telling off your boss
A young woman who posted an anonymous jeremiad about her supervisor at the Hearst Corporation was unmasked and dismissed.

"I'm half your age, make a third of your salary, and after baby-sitting you for over a year, could do your job and still have time for a manicure," she wrote to her unnamed boss. "The copier is push-button, occasionally the printer does need paper, and the production department is just down the hall. Chimps could do half this stuff."
Managed to get out of the office early enough to go for the Cubanisimo concert. Sat much too near the state and with all the tables bunched up close together couldn't help but help thinking it was like a wedding dinner. There wasn't much floor space to dance but there were some couples that were sporting enough - evidently some people from a salsa class trying their moves out. It was quite fun, though now I'm half deaf. Oh and thanks for the sugar doughnut, you know who, and no, I don't think that woman dancing with the Ned Flanders-lookalike was pregnant. :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

She walks in a foreign city but is dreaming of a man that might or might not be in the past...
Finding Chua

Hi Dave,

Looking for writers is a huge part of my job. Google is my assistant. I
punched in 'singapore writers' and came up with a graduate student
announcement notice on the University of California at Santa Barbara
multicultural society message board. It was a notice of readings by
Singapore writers, with a short bio on each. You were on that list, which
mentioned your book and contributions to magazines.

Then, I simply searched for your name. I found a Flying Inkpot review:

Ah so...

Monday, June 10, 2002

A photo from every day of your life
Amazing. Would every day be different?
Out of the Blue
Somebody from Seed Magazine (based in Quebec) emails me and asks me to write a 400-500 word piece about Singapore's dating booklet. Told him Monday. Looks like I've got to do a bit of running around. Like I'm not busy enough already. I don't really need the money badly, but it looks like an interesting magazine, and I'm flattered. So why not? Maybe because I've got like 10,000 other things to finish?

Anyway, I've found the booklet online, and I'll be asking some of you for your views... so watch out. ;)
At this time. But spent half an hour waiting at the new Adam Road hawker center waiting for colleague's Mee Goreng to arrive. Tries to looks neat but it's the same old Adam Road. Food all over the place and already has a dingy look. Talked about Philip K Dick and he told me several stories from his novels to fill the time. (Yes, I hate talking about work.)

Going to crash. Night.

Sunday, June 09, 2002

This week is killer:
Monday - Filming, VO and testing system
Tuesday - Editing
Wednesday - Cubanisimo
Thursday - Le Costume
Friday - Nephew's 'Man Yue'
Sat/Sun - Don't ask.

Take some days off next week? Probably will.
Had to work yesterday evening, and probably have to work whole of this upcoming weekend. It's really getting to be far too much. Eve is bound for the UK (trying not to envy). Did squeeze in Millennium Mambo by Hou Hsiao Hsien which wasn't very good. Quite a waste of an afternoon and knowing that I had to go to work at 6 just disrupted everything.

Friend going for surgery later on. We're all getting on. I'm sure it'll proceed safely.

I'm thinking long, long thoughts.