Saturday, August 04, 2001

Eva's version of Fields of Gold sending chills down my spine...
Hmm... went for a swim. No sun out but definitely did wake up my ideas. I realise running at the gym is very distracting because of the televisions, so I don't enjoy it as much.. I guess I could run long distance before because my mind was free to roam. Have some ideas for some things so writing them now before taking a short nap.
This woman teaches money management to children part-time. I mean how do you teach money management to children? How not to spend too much on Pokemon cards? Not to get cheated by the school mee rebus seller? Have enough bus fare to take the bus to and fro from school? Definitely a new one.
Disturbing story about a mother shoving her daughter into a rubbish chute. Even more disturbing if she had succeeded in killing her daughter; right now it all seems amusing...
Thay canceled That's My Bush. Looks like we'll need yet another new show...
Two friends headed to NYC for a holiday. I'm envious. Like that Baz Luhrmann song says, everyone should spend time in New York, and I don't mean some short tour package two night stay. It's the most cosmopolitan place in the world, and yes, defines itself as the center of the universe, like it or not. My memories of NYC are cluttered; walking in Shakespeare Garden, shooting a guy with a yellow python for a pet, buying two hot dogs for a dollar at Gray's Papaya, watching fireworks with thousands of New Yorkers on a cool summer night, reading magazines at Barnes and Noble but being unable to buy them, wandering into galleries in SoHo, being offered dope at Washington Square Park. If I go back it'll be different; didn't have the time or the money to hit the theaters. I definitely will next time around.
Had a minor email flame war with Grace C___, a writer who took issue with Alfian's take on National Day. She went into this rant about not preserving the British heritage, when the original post had nothing of that nature. I thought, boy, this woman has issues. Thought it was incredibly pompous and told her to argue her points in the Sintercom forum.
Two more friends join the blogging cult. Welcome Alice and Baobei. :) What next? Mom?

(and come on Kev, admit it lah, adding to your plan is something like blogging. Just another strain of the disease. ;) So just blog; at least we won't have to download your whole .plan everytime!)
50 story high HDB blocks? Frankly that's depressing. Next choice please.
Reading a lot about Eva. Died at 33 and her albums only sold well after her death. Too shy on stage and with record companies not knowing how to market her, she was left to sing in Washington clubs. Her voice is powerful and delicate, and her early demise gives her a Billie Holliday-like aura.
Boss was playing Jesus and Mary Chain in the car and commenting how he'd like to strangle boybands. Can't argue with that! We were listening to Honey's Dead, and the first track, Reverence. Has it been ten years already? I still remember their Surfing USA track.

On a calmer note, relistening to the Eva Cassidy MP3s I downloaded. She does mostly covers but her voice really does give new life to some of the pieces. Even a chestnut like Autumn Leaves.
The latest searchengine phrase that found my blog. "Russian restaurant Berkeley." I should save these...

Friday, August 03, 2001

I seem to recall, seem to recall... when your love... seemed to be all.. seemed to be all... I was so sure of... - Ron Sexsmith
Blogger seems to have problems publishing..
The things you can learn by reading other people's blogs; what music to download. Getting Cesaria Evora's stuff now, and it's good enough I think I want to grab the CD. Who says mp3 downloads are bad for the music industry?
Hmm think they used my Ghost World review for ST. They still haven't paid me for the From Hell review yet though... Guess they found out the movie is coming out so that's why they're using it.
You're what lifted the sky into place, and left us with your dreaming.
This is the first job where I have to work Saturdays. Most of the time I'd probably spent it in bed anyway, I tell myself, so working three-four hors every other Saturday is all right. (If I worked every Sat it'd be too depressing.) Right now there is quite a bit of stuff to do, which is good.

Yah right who I'm fooling; I HATE working on Saturdays, particularly mornings.
Friday is here but have to work Saturday. Jos and Waileng headed to NYC and I'm envious.

Forgot my handphone this morning and went back to get it. Has it become an indispensable part of my life? I guess I am guilty.

Thursday, August 02, 2001

Hardly any updates today, but just this .

Click on the picture to see an explanation.

Wednesday, August 01, 2001

Check up your friends on Google and get stuff like this (smile more lah Kevin) and this.
Took napster out of my computer. Too many other good alternatives out there.

Tuesday, July 31, 2001

I got my first referral via a search engine. The search phrase? List of depressing songs.My claim to fame.
Uploaded some files to my briefcase, on Yahoo. You should able to find Travis doing All I Want To Do Is Rock, their version of Baby One More Time and Coming Around, the track they did between albums. I can't make out everything they say in the last one; their scottish accent is too thick.
Went for a buffet at Crown Roxy hotel or something of that nature; opposite Parkway Parade. Thoroughly stuffed. $17 which includes pretty fresh oysters, crayfish, and a really great durian paste. Feel damn bloated. Colleagues were saying I don't have much of an appetite, which I guess is true for a guy. Can't help it; but at least didn't do too badly today.

Monday, July 30, 2001

Reflections on National Day, written by someone who I presume is Alfian Bin Sa'at...
And now.. a pill to cure shopping.... I trust it will be banned in Singapore.
must.... get... out.... of.... bed... crawl... to... bathroom...
Another amusing thing about Bridget Jones's Diary.(Yes they used the s's... don't ask me why) Salman Rushdie and Jefferey Archer both made cameo apperances in the film, playing themselves... Wonder if that means the film is going to be banned in the Middle East.
Swam, watched Bridget Jones Diary and caught up with friend headed to the UK. BJD isn't too bad; funny while plunging Miss Jones into increasingly embarassing situations. And you can win a woman by just saying you like her just the way she is? Only in the movies...

Sunday, July 29, 2001

Now I don't know why there are question marks at the top of each entry... but C'est La Vie.
Ok I think I know what's wrong with my "extreme-tracking" tool... hope this fixes it.
Friend told me about this guy who forgot about his kid for three hours while he watched Japanese anime. End result? Death for the kid and manslaugter charges for daddy.
Congrats to Lance Armstrong for winning his third Tour De France! One of the better things to happen on my birthday! (And the wedding of Charles and Diana is NOT counted!)
Back from KL; Proton Wira broke down and took two hours to replace. There wasn't much to do up there. Too many babies, but that's what you get for hanging out with an older brother, and visiting some home in the midst of refurbishment; where multicolored wires hang down from the ceiling like some new breed of jungle vine. KL has changed quite a bit since I've been there, and the architecture is actually more brilliant as well as being more spread out. No time to shop for VCDs though.

Managed to make it back to an excellent Travis/Coldplay concert, which better people will review.